Petruichthys sp rosy, the Rosy Loach

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Petruichthys sp rosy, the Rosy Loach

Postby mollymalone » Wed Nov 08, 2017 2:47 pm

I've been looking for more info on the rosy Loach than I have been able to find anywhere, and came across this forum. While I have looked here periodically, I still haven't really found that much, so I joined in hopes that I could start a conversation about these terrific little fish! Much of the little info I have found is pre-2012 when the species became Petruichthys sp. rosy and even then, it isn't that much. And there is even less info post 2012 it seems. I did read the great post re: breeding.

In recent years I've gotten back into fishkeeping and have 8 nano tanks running, one that is currently a species only tank for my Rosy Loaches, which I got from Rachel O'Leary a few months ago. IMy LFS never had them so I finally ordered from her. But, other than Rachel's Species Spotlight on the them, I really haven't found a lot of info. I originally had them together with Microdevario Kubatai, which I got at the same time from Rachel. But those little Kubatai aren't so little in temperament and the Rosies were hiding for the most part, so I moved the Kubatai to another tank. I thought maybe I had lost most of them as I still wasn't seeing them very much and the max I could find were 3 or 4. Then I changed up their food and they really came out of the woodwork so to speak and I was able to count all 9; the tank is so heavily planted and they are so fast.

I also changed lights to one that I could dim because I think they don't love the bright light, although when they do come out to play it doesn't seem to bother them. But, now they are back to their hiding a significant amount of time. Here are some basic observations:

What I have seen is that they usually prefer to come out in the late evening and play. The current brings most of the food to the front of the tank which they don't particularly like to lounge about in, although there are 1 or 2 who are most daring and will come out to the front for food. When they all play they don't care what part of the tank they're in. They spawn like crazy in between play, although I never see eggs. I wonder if they are just too tiny and I need better glasses? Or it could be that they are still young although they are adult sized.

Sometimes they go after the food and sometimes not. It's as if they don't smell it. And when the don't, the snails get it, so there are a bunch of Malaysian Trumpet Snails in there now (started with 1), but I don't mind. I have noticed that the stinkier the food is the more likely they are to come out for it. Any recommendations for really stinky food? The first few times I fed them blood worms (frozen) they loved them, now they don't really bother (I wonder, maybe they don't keep their flavor for long in the freezer?).

[no swings, weekly pwcs, 0 NH3, 0 NO2, NO3 40ppm (higher than normal as I think the Chemi Pure bag was depleted, so I replaced it and maybe that was the issue?), pH high 7.8, temp 77-78 F]

So, can anyone validate some of my observations re: time they come out, kind of food they prefer, lighting preferences, tank mates (I'm running out of space and might need to put my Chili Rasboras in with them and wondered re: predation of eggs), too many plants? Should I remove some plants to see them more? Is there a good stinky food you'd recommend? Percentage of time they are active for? I'd love to get an idea, maybe mine are completely normal or I just don't happen to see them being active? They are somewhat skittish when I come up to the tank they disappear. But, if I pull up a chair and sit after feeding them, a few will come out. But I'm still not finding all 9 at the same time.

Sorry to be so long! Thanks and would appreciate any info from folks who have actually kept these fish before!
FYI Rachel's Species Spotlight:
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Re: Petruichthys sp rosy, the Rosy Loach

Postby nhkg » Fri Nov 10, 2017 6:35 am

I never had this loach... Have you read this: ... s-sp-rosy/ ? I think SF is best site, when you need info on some less common species.
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Re: Petruichthys sp rosy, the Rosy Loach

Postby NancyD » Fri Nov 10, 2017 11:48 pm

Also look for info on "Tuberoschistura arakanensis", what they were called early on.

I had 9 but maybe only 1 female. Most are males from what I've seen, females are not colorful. Mine were quite shy of people but not fussy about foods.
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