Mutual assistance or slavery?

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Mutual assistance or slavery?

Postby AgaCore » Tue Oct 20, 2015 2:30 am

Hi guys! I am a newbie here and decided to share with you one funny story I've recently read about Goby. Hope you'll enjoy it as well :D

There is a harmless little fish Goby in Persian Gulf.
It lives in a squat dug by itself in the sand. Since “the walls” of sandy burrows constantly cave in, the fish have constantly to rake the sand out of it. Goby takes sand in its mouth and carries sand out of the burrow and then spits it at the entrance.
But some Gobys act differently: they take shrimps in the "roommates". Half-blind shrimp constantly rake the sand out and Goby is on the lookout at the entrance of the burrow. When any predator moves somehow close the fish pushes promptly shrimp into the cave and then also hide. Once the danger had passed shrimp continues to plow again like a bulldozer.
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