Lawrence the Eyeless Yoyo Loach, is he Suffering?

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Lawrence the Eyeless Yoyo Loach, is he Suffering?

Postby WolfChildHaylo » Mon Feb 02, 2015 2:55 am

Hello, I have been browsing these forums looking for any sort of experiences with eyeless loaches but could not find anything. ...
Lawrence has no eyes at all and looks like he never has. I've had him for roughly 3 months, and he is eating and getting around fine.
he is currently the only Loach, (I'm waiting for more from my LFS) I cant seem to tell though if the behaviors I am concerned about are just him being him, or distress and discomfort....
He often sits in behind and under things but doesn't seem to know whether he is at the bottom of the aquarium or the top.... he will wedge himself behind the thermometer, heater or filter intake like he's under a rock. Occasionally he'll tear around the aquarium up and down and then lay around and catch his breath. I feel this looks pretty panicked.
I know he should be in a school, but do you think he would even know that there were others in the tank?

any opinions on him are appreciated. I work at a vet clinic and would have him humanely euthanized if it turns out he is suffering. :'C
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Re: Lawrence the Eyeless Yoyo Loach, is he Suffering?

Postby Butterfly » Sun Feb 08, 2015 3:54 pm

How is Lawrence doing? I have never had yoyo loaches, but I do have weather loaches, kuhli loaches, and zebra loaches. The zipping back and forth, then stopping abruptly and breathing rapidly, certainly sounds like behaviours I have seen with our kuhli loaches. They often act as though they are freaking out or have moments of pure hyperactivity for no reason! Tough to know if what you are seeing is an indicator of distress - or just goofy loach behaviour!

As for Lawrence wedging himself in odd places, or sitting in awkward positions - our weather loaches do this a lot!

Also, one of our zebra loaches hangs out between the glass and the filter intake tube the majority of the time (we named him Shadow because of this behaviour).

If Lawrence is eating well, I would see no major reason for concern. Loaches seem clumsy in general (at least the ones we have are clumsy!). They also seem to be very social and 'caring' with regard to their loach tank-mates, so I would think Lawrence might do well with others of his kind! Have you added anyone in with him yet?

Sorry I can't be of any great help - but I thought I would add my thoughts based on what I have experienced with my guys!
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Re: Lawrence the Eyeless Yoyo Loach, is he Suffering?

Postby Loachloach » Mon Feb 09, 2015 4:57 pm

Poor thing. I'd presume he'll get used of getting around if the tank layout doesn't change. I had a platy with one eye and she was fine but wasn't seeing the food at times so I guess you've got to make sure he can find the food. It probably depends on the species, what senses they use to find food. If he never had eyes then he is getting by the way he is, probably has adapted.
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Re: Lawrence the Eyeless Yoyo Loach, is he Suffering?

Postby WolfChildHaylo » Thu Jul 23, 2015 1:46 am

Hello all who are/were curious re:Lawrence.
He is alive and well still. I have been able to find him a partner; Theodore. They do well together! I will get more as soon as I find a healthy bunch. :mrgreen: Lawrence does indeed have no eyes!
Its much easier to tell now that he's bigger. On one side he does have an eyeball like thing that is separate from his head that does move occasionally. But seemingly not from anything specific. He's also made friends with my frog Horatio.
He's easy to photograph as he doesn't know when I'm right in front of him! :wink:
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