Lump by dojo loach's pelvic fin

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Lump by dojo loach's pelvic fin

Postby Lighting » Tue Sep 26, 2017 1:25 pm

I noticed this lump three days ago and after some research I thought it must be constipation as the descriptions are very similar. As a result I have fed him shelled peas for the last three days but I'm kind of panicking because advice recommended feeding no pellet/frozen food during treatment and my only food options available are algae wafers, catfish pellets and frozen tubifex worms, and this lump has not gone down. He seems to be acting ok except from he seems to be a little more hunched over than usual. What should I do? Is there another thing that this could be caused by and how would I go about treating it? Please reply soon as I'm not sure what I'm supposed to feed him tonight. There is another fish in the tank that seems unaffected.
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