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Re: New tank advice

Post by NancyD » Sun Sep 06, 2020 8:25 pm

Well, the 55g is ok for a year or maybe 2 if you're very good about changing lots of water every week (30-80% is a goal). Young fish should probably be fed smaller amounts twice/day if you can...& can keep their water very clean. They will grow to 4-6 inches in that time, maybe 9-10+ inches eventually so...start saving for a 6ft tank or more!

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Re: New tank advice

Post by redshark1 » Mon Sep 07, 2020 7:10 am

I would move the substrate and filter over to the new tank to keep the cycle.

Clown Loaches would need a tank to themselves in my opinion, perhaps with a few dither fish (I use Congo Tetras).

Minimum recommended shoal size for Clown Loaches is six (preferably more).

Minimum recommended tank size for 6-7 Clown Loaches is 6' x 2' x 2' containing 180 US gallons / 150 UK gallons / 700 litres (preferably larger).

Recommended Temp 78-82F.

Watch out for Whitespot (they typically get it when newly introduced).

They can demolish plants so a planted tank may not be possible.

I keep six in a 110g (6' x 18" x 18") but that's because information was non-existant and I was actually recommended a 3ft tank 25 years ago.

They can be kept in a smaller tank than the minimum given but will be stunted and although it was once the norm this is not considered acceptable these days.
6 x Clown Loaches all 28 years of age on 01.01.2022, largest 11.5", 2 large females, 4 smaller males, aquarium 6' x 18" x 18" 400 ltr/90 uk gal/110 US gal.

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Re: New tank advice

Post by daltonbourne07 » Sat Sep 17, 2022 12:51 pm

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