Advice about Cotton Mouth

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Advice about Cotton Mouth

Post by DRLashambe » Thu Jan 12, 2006 11:37 am

Hey folks:

I had five neon tetras as dither fish, and while I was gone, they developed Cottonmouth fungus. They've been removed from my tank, but now I want to ensure that none of the fungus is still in the water. My five clowns are being moved into my new 90 gallon tank in a couple of weeks (when it's done cycling), and I wanted to deal with this issue while they're still in the 30 gallon, and before the stress of the move. Are clown loaches as sensitive to Maroxy as they are to other kinds of medication? They show no signs of the fungus, and I'll be doing multiple water changes and tank cleanings, and I'm also slowly increasing the tank temperature, but I still want to be as careful as possible.

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