New Aquarium !

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New Aquarium !

Post by SPARKYTHEWELDER » Thu Mar 12, 2009 2:56 am

Well now folks i have graitated to a lareger and more cumbersome tank !
I now have a 90 for my loaches and kept the 55 but wow what a difference for me and the fish its a real blessing and how i aquired it was just that !
I started a new business in South Texas recently and it deals with energy, while at the local petsmart i met a nice lady with her children and they were buying afican cichlids. for their tank at home. I noticed something about her and her demeanor and i asked her if she was a military wife ? She responded in the afirmative and we began talking. What happened next blew my mind. Her husband is active duty US Navy and this fine young man is a Corman ! Wow to cool I thought ! We kept talking and she asked me how many fish i had and what size tank i had too. I told her about my cluster and it was in a 55 and she said well youre a great candidate for a 90 gallon then are'nt you ? I responded well i supposed so, but I had no idea where i would acquire one. That is when she said well my husband will want to talk to you and he has one he needs to get rid of and he would rather give it an aquarist than junk it ! So the next couple of days went by and then Mr Kris called me and said hey you still interested in that 90 gallon tank i have ? Needless to say i said of course i am and how do u want to do this, I have a truck to haul it in ? He responded well you come pick me up and I will help you get it over to your place !

Ya know there are still very good people left in this ole world today and he is one of them for several reasons to me ! First because he is active duty military and second he is a navy corman for those who dont know the significance he is a field medic when he is deployed with a marine unit !! As a Patriot Guard Rider of South Texas that makes my heart sing! Third becaue he had something of value and instead of destroying it he gave it to some one who could use it and make some really goo fish a great new home. Now some of you are thinking right now, did i even ask him to pay him for the tank ? Damn right i did but he would not take my money ! That is the last reason he is a great man and a Great American ! By my standards at least !!

I enjoy this forum and i dont belong to any others ! You folks in here are very warm and gentle and just good folk and that is nice and I dearly appreciate it alot !

Your Friend Always
Mark E Gurgevich aka " Sparkythewelder "
"Those who hammer their guns into plows, will plow for those who do not"; "Freedom is for those who have the guts to fight for it"..........Thomas Jerfferson President of the United States of America

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Post by starsplitter7 » Thu Mar 12, 2009 10:47 am

What a great story to go with a great tank for good fish. When you have everything set up, of course, you need to post some pictures. :)

Good man to be a medic. Hopefully he will stay out of harms way.

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Post by chefkeith » Thu Mar 12, 2009 5:27 pm

great story. we want pics of the tank now!

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Post by mickthefish » Thu Mar 12, 2009 7:54 pm

yeah it's just not the same without a couple of pics, but great story. :wink:

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Post by soul-hugger » Thu Mar 12, 2009 8:08 pm

Hi, Sparky..,

Congratulations on your new find! It's amazing how good things come to you when you're not expecting them to. Good people tend to find eachother, especially when they're not looking. Even better when they're tied together through a common interest. I love to hear stories like this, because there are still good people in the world, we just don't hear about them as often as we could.

And yes, I agree with you, the people on this site are some of the best people going. It's just too bad we couldn't see eachother more often.

Looking forward to seeing your new tank when you get it going. :)

Success is measured by the amount of obstacles you have overcome.

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Gary Stanton
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Post by Gary Stanton » Thu Mar 12, 2009 9:42 pm

Great story. Where are the pics?
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Post by fhm_usa » Thu Mar 12, 2009 11:39 pm

Great story on that tank congrats post pics when it's set up already will be waiting!

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