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Re: Favorite Loach

Post by piggy4 » Mon Feb 28, 2011 2:52 pm

My favorites are Botia Dario , just love their colours ,and I had a couple of bad starts keeping Dario years ago ,so I think my appreciation of them is stronger because of this :idea: interestingly I find them quite a retiring loach ,they share their tank with Almorhae and Rostrata and a few Cyprinids ,and though I put twice as many Dario's in there I see far less of them than the others :roll: its also quite a variable loach behaviour wise , lots of people seem to have a different story to tell reguarding them :?:

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Re: Favorite Loach

Post by Crissyloach » Mon Feb 28, 2011 3:42 pm

Striatas, and clowns. :)

Current betta count...Too many. :P

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Re: Favorite Loach

Post by fain » Tue Mar 01, 2011 2:59 am

My Histrionica babies~! <3
I just love them to pieces, but they are still shy around me. I'm teaching them that it is safe to eat out of my hand so that they won't be so nervous when I walk by.. Works on two of them and this is only the third day! :D
I can't wait to finish my stand and set up my 60gal. Once everything is ready and things quiet down, my little ones are getting new friends~

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Re: Favorite Loach

Post by Donna » Tue Mar 01, 2011 4:00 pm

Hi Sarahrah --

If you don't have netting over the intakes for your UG filter, chances are good your kuhlis have gotten in. On the bright side, kuhlis not only survive underneath UG filter plates, but they'll even breed in there, although yours sound too young yet.

When you get a different filter, do make sure to put netting or sponge on the filter intakes. I also taped netting over any open areas of the top of the tank, and sealed the holes the air line and heater cord go through. Kuhlis are the Houdinis of the fish world.

I vacuum the sand while doing the weekly water change.

Try turning off the lights, drop in a Hikari sinking wafer, and come back in ten minutes with a flashlight. If they're not under the filter plates, you should see them.

You might consider getting more kuhlis, they love to live in a group.

If you use glass for your shelf instead of acrylic, I'd sand the edges so they're not sharp, for your own safety as well as that of the fish.

Why is the blood parrot cichlid called Mr. Sissypants? Sounds like an interesting story there.
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Re: Favorite Loach

Post by Dojosmama » Tue Mar 01, 2011 8:56 pm


Cute and playful. I have 3 in a 20-gallon-high coldwater tank, and they are thoroughly spoiled! Have the life of Riley! They're regular little acrobats, twisting and turning as they glide across the tank. Curious, always probing for food or whatever in the floating plants and substrate. Watching them eat their favorite food is very rewarding. They gobble it up, and then want more! Of course, I refrain from overfeeding them. I give them Sera O-Nip tablets which they would eat all day if I were to let them. They also like algae pellets, which I soften up in water for them (pampered pets). They have lots of soft floating plants they like to rest in -- their own little natural bedding. Just as cute as can be!

Sometimes I see them "yawn" as they rest on the substrate, I assume to relieve pressure, but they look bored and lazy. Why not? They're privileged to be in my tank, and I'm privileged to have them and be able to enjoy them.

Lucky dojos; lucky me!

-- dojosmama

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Re: Favorite Loach

Post by sarahrah89 » Tue Mar 01, 2011 11:46 pm

Mr. Sissypants is not named so because I like that name (I actually really do not care for such silly names), but because he is undeserving of any less degrading a name. I love him to peices, but he is just so shy! He is maybe 9 months old and about 3 inches from beak to tip.

I do plan on getting more Khulis, but I the guy at the pet store was just tossing the gravel around trying to dig the poor little khulis out of hiding, and I was afraid he was going to break their spines and I stopped at 2. I will get more (from a different asscociate) when I get my new tank setup.

So they will survive under the filter plates if their down there? I have sinking Shrimp pellets, and I turned the lights down and put a few in there and saw no movement, so I assume they are under the plates feasting on fish poo and such.

You just vaccuum the sand? doesn't it just get pushed through with the water?

Thanks so much for your advice Donna. You care for Blood Parrot Cichlids? I need to get him a buddy and Im stuck between a short bodied convict (undyed jellybean) KIllin (if I could find one) or another BP. But also, that will happen with the new home.

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Re: Favorite Loach

Post by Crissyloach » Wed Mar 02, 2011 10:35 pm

Yep. Vacuum the sand- hold the siphon an inch or 2 over the sand- not pushing the siphon down into the substrate like you would for gravel. It will get pushed through with the water isf you go too low with the siphon. This will pick up the waste on the top layer. Because sand is fine, waste particles stay on the surface of the substrate. Wish your hand, gently stir the substrate- not even stir. Rake through it with your fingers. This will stir up the sand, but it will settle. After raking over the substrate, continue vacuuming, just like the start. Do not take out more that 30% MAXIMUM of the total aquarium water. There is such thing as being too clean. :) Then you can smooth it out again- when you pour the new water into the tank, pour it onto a rock, or hold your hand directly under the stream of water. Sorry for going off topic- just answering questions. :)

Clowns and striatas are still my fave. :)

Current betta count...Too many. :P

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Re: Favorite Loach

Post by kimura » Wed Mar 23, 2011 1:02 am

Histironicas and Kubotai ......... so hard to choose :)

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