saw a loach, where to put it

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saw a loach, where to put it

Post by diavids » Mon Oct 05, 2009 9:17 pm

I have 6 yoyo loaches in my 90 gal community tank, i've had them for a while so have gotten a decent size. today while I was at the lfs i saw some loaches which the owner insisted were yoyo loaches which I know weren't. They look to me to be Cherryfin Loach by looking here, they are awfully cute. they had two at the store and from reading here about them, seems it best to have one alone, or more than 3. So i think i can't resist, my yoyo's are quite large so I think it problity woudn't be good to put the new loach in with them, but I have a 33 gal that has some smaller cichlids and a few catfish and 2 SAE's. What would be the best for the cherryfin loach, go in with my yoyo's or in the other tank, (maybe to grow out until its large enough to go with the yoyo's) What is the best option. thanks everyone

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