A Visit to the LFS

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A Visit to the LFS

Post by Katy » Fri Nov 27, 2009 8:32 pm

(or, Why Katy is Paranoid)

The other day my better half and I went to the LFS that originally sold us Maggie, and later her other companions (now a total of 5 B. Kubotais) to pick up a few supplies and browse for dither fish (just planning for when the loaches are out of quarantine. Clearly I have learned a lot since that original ignorant trip to the fish store about a month ago. This time I could barely notice which fish were pretty, I was so distracted by the many fish that were HEAVILY covered in Ich, the dead fish in many many tanks (and some had clearly been there for quite some time and were in rather advanced states of decomposition) I was also sad to see weather loaches in a tank with very warm water tropicals.... It was so bad I felt sick.

This is why I am so scared to stop treating for ich even though there were never any spots on our babies, and the flashing ended days ago. And reading all of the threads about Ich-from-hell that lasted months despite aggressive treatment just makes me more paranoid!

I will never buy fish from that store again, which may mean it will be a long time (until we can get down to Boston???) until we can get companions other than the 3 surviving cardinals.....

So sad.

Makes me very jealous of you Brits who have wonderful shops like Emma's/

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