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Loaches +, Free to good home(s)

Post by mpeterb » Sun Feb 14, 2010 2:23 pm

My interest in fishkeeping hit a low just as my roommate moved out and gave me all of his fish. I kept up with feeding and water changes, but didn't really care. I'm getting into it again, but want to focus more on a very few favorites in a couple of tanks and reserve the other tanks to try breeding.

So, I'm giving away some fish. I wouldn't say no to a few dollars, some food or equipment, but in my experience no one will volunteer to pay for something they don't have to. That being said, I'll be focusing on making sure these fish go to good, suitable, established homes, because if I didn't care about them I could just kill them myself. That's why I'm posting this here. :) I've had all of these fish at least a couple of years, and all are healthy and eating. I've got available:

5 Botia Striata
5 or 6 Schistura mahnerti
7 Corydoras melanistius
3 whiptail catfish (Rineloricaria fallax)
1 Bumblebee catfish, of some sort. It was poorly thought out gift, though he's been here a while and grown to 3 or 4".

I've never shipped fish, and it is frigid here now, so pick up is needed. Just reply or PM me and I'll get in touch.


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