Striata need home

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Striata need home

Post by kimby » Sun Apr 11, 2010 5:21 pm

Hello Loachy folks. It's been a very long time since I have logged in here, I'm happy to see the site is still going strong. :)

I'm here because life circumstances are causing me to need to find new homes for most of my fish, including 9 adult Botia Striata.
In spite of knowing a large number of fishkeepers in the Minneapolis area,I don't know any who have a real appreciation of loaches and it's very hard for me to part with these guys. I do not want them going to someone who will toss them in an Af. Cichlid tank or worse..a 20 long. :)

About the fish...I have had the original 5 for just over 5 years. The other 4 joined at later dates, but none recent.
They live in moderately soft water. Have never kept them in anything less than a 55g and they have been in a 75 for most of the time.
One female is oddly stunted, or perhaps more like a runt. She's short and fat. lol...but is entirely healthy and active.
None of the fish have ever been ill, and in fact I've never lost one.

If you live within a reasonable drive of the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro and are interested, pm me here. Price is very negotiable, I'm more interested in finding a proper home for them.
Thank you
Kim H.
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75- botia striata ( need home)
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37- 1 big Black Lace angel ( also needing new home)

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