Desperately seeking Pseudogastromzon Cheni

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Desperately seeking Pseudogastromzon Cheni

Post by dlenn » Mon Jun 28, 2010 1:46 pm

So for one reason or another LES.. and I haven't been around here much lately. One reason is we have lost most of our P.Cheni and were feeling a bit guilty. Most of them we haven't been sure why either as they weren't old enough to be dying of old age.

So we are now down to our one lonely female Cheni. Named Patch. She is pretty feisty, but then most of our Female Cheni always have been, to the point where we thought they were the males at first!!! :roll:

Anyway if anyone has an excess of them they are looking to get rid of or know where any are being sold. Surrey, UK area, but we also go to Aylesbury for and Sheffield from time to time and Crowland of course:wink:

Whitey and Madduff, do you still have yours?

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Mad Duff
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Post by Mad Duff » Mon Jun 28, 2010 3:49 pm

I still have a couple of youngsters but lost most of my adults sometime ago, A few weeks ago a local shop got some in and I couldnt belive the size of them when I saw them, I have never seen cheni the size of these before, needless to say someone had already reserved them all.

How are the Rasbora's doing that Les got?

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Post by LES.. » Tue Jun 29, 2010 10:52 am

The Rasboras are still very shy, always tucked in behind the big bits of wood.

We went through a bad spot a while back when one by one our Cheni just wasted away, it was devastating to watch. We also lost a few Rasboras at that time the water was fine although nitrate was a bit raised. Since then I have been waging war on the population of red cherry shrimp (the LFS is sick of the sight of me with bags full of shrimp for them) but no matter how many I scoop out there seem to be ever more of them. It was very noticeable that the instant a fish started to slow down or lose weight the shrimp would be there bothering them, things have been better with fewer shrimp but I took action too late.

The tank still looks like it is just populated with shrimp most of the time but we still have 5 lovely Gastromyzon zebrinus, one Gastromyzon viriosus and the lonely Cheni.

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