Can I have more Clowns ?????

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Can I have more Clowns ?????

Post by Megan » Tue Mar 15, 2011 1:13 am

I have just finished reading Marcos’ postings on his 5 foot tank and seen the number of fish he has in there. I am sooooooooo jealous. Wonderful tank and beautiful fish (especially the clowns – they are my favourites too).

At present I have a 4 foot tank (1200mm x 465mm x 460mm high). It is about 260L I think. I have a brand new Eheim Pro 3 2075 (1250L/hr) + Sun Sun HW 403B – with built in 9W UV (1400L/hr) (arrived today) + Internal sponge filter (1200L/hr).
My tank has been running for about 6 years now, although (2 years ago) it did have to be moved to a patio for a while when we were flooded and new walls were put in the room and a new tank cabinet was made. The water and filter were connected straight back onto the tank both times.
I have some questions. Do I have the capacity for more fish or am I at the limit now?? My clowns (I have 5) are quite shy. Except for the smallest one (about 8cm / 3”) the other 4 are really only out of their cave area when they are fed or the lights go out. I am wondering if I can get some more clowns, and if this is likely to make them more active / visible? I know that a bigger tank is required. I am saving up for (and trying to convince my husband about) a 6 foot. Will this be big enough for the clowns permanently?

I have the following fish:
5 Clown Loaches (oldest 2 are about 10 yrs),
3 yo yo Loaches,
8 Chain Loaches,
10 (striped) Kuhlis,
5 Bronze Corys,
6 Rasboras.

My nitrates are around 5 - 10ppm at present. I do almost 50% water change every week.
I wonder if I have filter capacity for another 2 or 3 clowns? Should I take the 3 yo yos to the LFS and exchange them for clowns? Am I able to keep the yo yos, get another 2 or 3 clowns and another couple of yo yos. I have noticed today that the really FAT yo yo is starting to chase the other 2 and wonder if I need more of them or am better to get rid of them, but I do like them. Or do I have to wait till I get the 6 foot for any more fish??
Any advice is greatly welcomed.

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