Where to buy hillstream loach?

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Where to buy hillstream loach?

Post by pinkburrow » Sat Apr 09, 2011 10:56 am

Hi, does anyone know where in perth, western australia i can buy hillstream loaches? I've been hunting around but all i've found are other types of loach, not the hillstream ones. If anyone has any idea where please let me know!!! =)

Scientific Name: Beaufortia kweichowensis(Fang, 1931)
Common name: Chinese Butterfly Loach, Hong-kong Plec, Butterfly Hillstream Loach, Chinese Sucker.

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Re: Where to buy hillstream loach?

Post by plaalye » Mon Apr 11, 2011 11:33 am

Are you familiar with ANGFA? You might try to post your question there.

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Graeme McKellar
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Re: Where to buy hillstream loach?

Post by Graeme McKellar » Mon Apr 11, 2011 1:39 pm

Hi Pinkburrow, Welcome to Loaches Online.
You could try fishchick.com which is in Annerley, Brisbane - (07) 38489585.
I was last in there 6 months ago and they had Beaufortia, Sewellia, Gastromyzin and Homeloptera.
They send fish all over Australia if state laws allow it.
You can e-mail them via the website and they have a monthly newsletter.
They seem to be the only importer of these Loaches in Australia ATM.
Cheers Graeme.
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Re: Where to buy hillstream loach?

Post by mattyd » Tue Apr 12, 2011 9:26 pm

I live in Brisbane, and FishChicks is definitely a good place for some of the larger variety of hillstream loaches/borneo sucker style fish.

HOWEVER, she is definitely not the only importer of the normal 'borneo sucker' gastromyzon hillstream loach fish. In Brisbane alone there are 6 or more stores that will frequently have Borneo suckers in stock. Aquarama (Stafford Rd) also have 3 different varieties of their so-called 'Lizard Fish' which are homoloptera or similar species. They often have 100+ of these in stock all the time, and all very healthy.

My recomendations for you would be to call around every single pet store and fish store and aquarium in Perth and ask for "Borneo Sucker" fish. You should get lucky and be able to find a few stores which have them.

If you don't want the black and white varieties, then you will have to call up FishChicks....

.... or wait until my Sewellias start to breed :-) *(since every one elses here on Loaches Online seems to be getting theirs to breed)
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