Asiatic Habitat fo Loaches

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Asiatic Habitat fo Loaches

Post by Cobitidae » Tue May 10, 2011 11:55 am

Hi everyone
i have a 400L only for 10 botia macracanthus, but i will transfer them in a bigger tank in 2-3 years i hope.

I wanted to recreate the asiatic habitat so to promote their real behaviour and reproduction, as i heard of peple recreating a perfect habitat in 3000L and they obtained more than one reproduction!
so what advices can you give me?
for now i have stones so to create holes for them...should i use a lot of wood? and what plants should i use?
I also would like to know...i heard botia in nature live in mak....the brown thing on the floor...can i buy mak on the shops instead of sand?

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