Loach in Perth needs a new home

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Loach in Perth needs a new home

Post by Manda89 » Mon May 30, 2011 5:01 am

Hi everyone,

When I first bought my fish tank I just had to have 'a sucker fish.' Knowing next to nothing about fish, I asked the girl at my local fish shop to help me choose a fish that would suit my tank. Months down the track, I have discovered that my poor little 'sucker fish' is actually a loach (butterfly/hillstream/Borneo sucker I think...) and is supposed to be in a tank with a river-like setup with a decent current and stones etc. I feel quite guilty so would like to get him into a better tank setup asap, but as the shop I got him from had a no better tank for him than I do, I am wondering if there is anyone in Perth who knows about these fish and could offer him a new home? He's quite cute and pretty active and I think he would thrive in a tank that has been setup for fish like him. I will upload photos of him later tonight.

Thanks everyone :-)

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