Finally got loaches again :D

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Finally got loaches again :D

Post by botiaboy » Wed Jun 22, 2011 3:48 pm

Hey all, its been a while but I finally am back into fish, and more importantly loaches, and I have my 150 cycled and full of fish including yoyos, a kubotai? and a clown (soon to be more of those two). Good to remember why I love these fish so much; my yoyos are still young but they cavort around my tank all day :D Glad to have a reason to be bak here too :) I have a question for you all..... would it be better to have a dojo loach in a too small, colder tank or a much bigger tank that is 80 degrees? Debating on if I should move the dojo to the 150...
Also does anyone know anything about zodiac loaches? my LFS got some and my mother fell in love with them, and I really like them but they seem like they should be in more of a speciallized brookstream/hillstream loach tank, like it says in the species profile. But she wont stop harrassing me about them xP
My loaches:
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