More Dojo Dialogue ...

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More Dojo Dialogue ...

Post by Dojosmama » Fri Jul 22, 2011 4:19 pm

FIRST (AND FATTEST) MALE DOJO: "Well, it looks like our Mama is listening in, again! She hasn't done that for awhile."

SECOND MALE DOJO: "Yeah. Maybe she's bored."

FIRST MALE DOJO: "She still stares at us from outside this tank. Guess we're pretty interesting ..."

SECOND MALE DOJO: "Yeah, and modest, too!"

MALE ROSY BARB: "That'll be the day!"

RED GLOFISH DANIO: "Modest? You should be! Now I have no reason to be modest! I'm a beautiful fish!"

FIRST MALE DOJO: "Yeah, and you're small enough to eat! Good thing we're full all the time because Mama feeds us so well. Otherwise, you wouldn't be so cocky."

MALE ROSY BARB: "Yeah, and we've seen you go after those Red Cherry Shrimp Mama buys! Those two that had eggs -- we know where they went!"

SECOND MALE DOJO: "Well, if they don't have sense enough to hide, we get a free meal. It's that simple!"

FIRST YELLOW GLOFISH: "Say, whatever happened to the third Dojo that was in here -- the female?"

FIRST MALE DOJO: "She jumped out of the transfer bucket when that other tank leaked. Our Mama didn't find her in time to save her."

FIRST YELLOW GLOFISH: "Mama had a screen over the top of that bucket!"

FIRST MALE DOJO: "She also had two powerful airstones to save the BB on the filter media. Too much current -- bucket too full -- our little sister was swept out over the rim and slid beneath the screen."

SECOND MALE DOJO: "Yeah, but she was dumb. She traveled a long distance and ended up on Mama's bathroom floor. If she had stayed just below the bucket, Mama would have found her sooner."

RED GLOFISH: "So, is our Mama getting another female dojo to replace her?"

FIRST MALE DOJO: "I don't think so. She's waiting to get that big tank set up -- then she'll get lots more dojos, and we might get another female in here, as well."

SECOND MALE DOJO: "Good! 'Cause I need a girlfriend!"

FIRST MALE DOJO: "I'd love to be moved into that big tank! Maybe our Mama will be content just to have shrimp or dwarf crayfish in here, instead of us dojos."

SECOND MALE DOJO: "Yeah, I'd like the extra space, too. We'd all have a ball in that bigger tank. That monster will be 65 gallons!"

FIRST MALE DOJO: "We'll just have to wait and see ..."

SECOND MALE DOJO: "By the way -- no more hogging the vacation food!"

FIRST MALE DOJO: "Who? ME? Since when did I hog it?"

SECOND MALE DOJO: "When Mama was leaving for two weeks over the Fourth of July! She dropped in that gel food, and you pushed it into our cave and packed it over in the far corner. Your own little stash! What were you thinking? That none of the rest of us would notice?"

FIRST MALE DOJO: "If you will recall, Mama dropped in two separate pieces of that stuff. You all got plenty!"

FEMALE ROSY BARB: "So, how do you like those new sinking pellets Mama got us?"

MALE ROSY BARB: "Which ones? The Spirulina pellets, or those Hikari ones for bottom-feeders?"


FIRST MALE DOJO: "Love the Hikaris -- the Spirulinas are so-so."

SECOND YELLOW GLOFISH: "Yeah. Some of those Spirulina pellets float, and some sink. Either way, I don't care for them."

RED GLOFISH: "You're just finicky!"

FIRST WHITECLOUD MINNOW: "We love being finicky!"

SECOND WHITECLOUD MINNOW: "Yeah, we get fasted for it, too! So we get good an hungry!"

FIRST ZEBRA DANIO: "What do you think of that NLS stuff with the garlic in it?"

FIRST MALE DOJO: "Oooohhh! That's delicious!"

SECOND MALE DOJO: "It's really good for us, too!"

ALL EIGHT WHITCLOUD MINNOWS, IN UNISON: "We can't stand it! We can't stand it! We won't eat it!"

FIRST MALE DOJO: "Good! More for US!"

SECOND MALE DOJO: "Better stop complaining about your food! Do you know how fortunate you are to be in this aquarium and so well fed? Our wild brethren often starve to death!"

SECOND WHITECLOUD MINNOW: "Yeah? Well, I'd rather starve than eat THAT stuff!"

FIRST MALE DOJO: "Aw, shut up!"

SECOND MALE DOJO: "Yeah! Shut up! You all are just spoiled!"

SECOND ZEBRA DANIO: "WE'RE spoiled! You dojos are pampered to pieces!"

FIRST MALE DOJO: "Well, we ARE Mama's favorites!"

SECOND MALE DOJO: "Yep. We're the favorites! Na-na-na-na-nahhhh!"

MALE ROSY BARB: "Alright! Just for that, I'm nipping your fins!"

BOTH DOJOS TOGETHER: "Gotta FIND us, first!" (quickly skidaddle into the plant thicket).

MALE ROSY BARB: "Look! Mama's lifting the lid! It's MEALTIME !!!".....

FEMALE ROSY BARB: "What's it gonna be, this time?"

MALE ROSY BARB: "Oh, boy! Blood worms!"

(Dojos come out of hiding): "When Mama serves bloodworms, WE get veggie rounds!"

FIRST MALE DOJO: "Sure, enough! Here they come! Yum-Yum!"

MALE ROSY BARB: "Listen! Mama's telling us something!"

FEMALE ROSY BARB: "What???? Oh! She's telling us to behave and stop bothering the dojos!"

MALE ROSY BARB: "Yeah? Well, we'll be good, for now. But just wait until she disappears!"

SECOND MALE ROSY BARB: "Tee-hee-hee-hee ...."

BOTH MALE DOJOS: "Not to worry. We'll just rest on top of the fry matts where Rosies can't reach us. They'll get bored after awhile. They always do. Then they'll start chasing each other ... Boy, is THAT a sight to watch!"

FIRST MALE DOJO: "Yeah! Pretty funny! They get so wound up they start chasing their own tails!"

BOTH MALE DOJOS: "Meal's over. Time for our naps." (ascend to the floating plants and fry matts)

MALE ROSY BARB: "Lazy good-for-nothins!"

(Eavesdropping ended.)

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