Easy Life too easy?

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Easy Life too easy?

Post by Wexford » Wed Jul 27, 2011 3:56 pm

Hi everyone,

http://www.easylife.nl/index.php?option ... 82&lang=en

I've been reading about this new product from Easy Life, Liquid Filter medium, Easy Neo.
It seems like miracle stuff, no overdosing, only positive benefits etc. Too good to be true?
Has anyone here tried it and if so, what were the results?

I have a 300l heavily planted tank with Yoyos, Sids, Kuhlis, a Cheni and 2 pseudogastromyzon fasciatus (wish they had a short name) Hillstreams.
There's also a few cardinal tetra and a Lace Gourami.
I still get a bit of algae and use Easy Carbo, but the combination with Easy Neo sounds perfect.
Anyone tried it?


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