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Post by Lainey » Fri Feb 10, 2012 7:34 pm

I bought 7 zebra loaches then discovered one was a polka dot. The zebras have always hidden a lot however the polka is a confident wee guy that's always out & about. We call him Barbie as he pierced the bag while travelling home from LFS and drew blood!

I think I lost 1-2 zebras a few months ago (difficult to count as rarely all out at the one time). Some of the zebras are getting a bit more active now & following the polka around. Though one just lives at the fluval & I eventually had to block the sucker part incase he got fat & stuck!

Tank specs are good and everyone is feeding well on flakes, pellets, frozen food and veg. Tank is heavily planted, with swimming areas plus a little bogwood & bamboo. Tried caves but no-one used them.

I'm going to top up the numbers and wondered if it would be ok to get more polkas, rather than zebras. I'm hoping that the zebras will keep growing in confidence and following the polka's fun example!

Would appreciate any advice & comments,
113 litre, 4' tank

Staying in tank:-
10 x 1" dwarf rainbows
4 or 5 x 1.5" zebra loaches
1 x 1.5" polka dot loach (sold as a zebra)

Moving out:
2 x 1.5" black skirt tetras
2 x 1" black neon tetras
6 x 1" silver tip tetras

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Re: ZEBRA's and POLKA's

Post by ClownLoachSharky » Sat Feb 11, 2012 5:03 am

i thin you should add more polka dots or kubotai. he might be a little lonely
You wouldnt have that problem with a V8

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Re: ZEBRA's and POLKA's

Post by Andywhite01 » Sat Feb 18, 2012 11:13 pm

I added another 6 of zebra and 6 polkas today (Total 9 of each) they look great and seem to get on well. The polkas always do seem to get about a bit more thats the reason i got them because i dont see much of my clowns at the moment i am hoping they will settle in as just gone from roma 240 to 6x2x2

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