Emma's Grrrr Tank has begun...

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Emma's Grrrr Tank has begun...

Post by yellowsub9 » Thu Mar 29, 2012 2:00 am


I have a 120 with the laid back loaches such as the clowns, yoyos and queens. I have decided to turn my 75 into an aggressive loach tank that Emma calls the Grrr tank (Tiger Botias) in her article on this site. I now have 5 syn helodes, 5 syn berdmoreis, and about 15 tiger barbs. i would like to add some skunks and blues but I will have to wait awhile. my questions are:
1. i know the syncrossus get large so I will get a larger tank but do these have the same growth rate as the clowns where they will grow to 4 or 6 inches then slowly after this?
2. Do you think I am overcrowding them now? - all the loaches are about 2 to 3 inches.
3. I take it that adding the skunks and blue botias (which also get big) would be too much for the 75. Can I add some skunks even they are small. I will eventually need at least a 125 tank after the loaches reach 6 in.
4. If anybody has experience or stories they would like to share raising the Tiger Botias let me know what to watch out for.

Thanks for reading this and hope to see some comments soon.

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