More Dojo Dialogue . . .

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More Dojo Dialogue . . .

Post by Dojosmama » Mon Jul 02, 2012 4:48 pm

FIRST MALE DOJO: "Mama's going away for two weeks. What kind of mischief can we plan?"

SECOND MALE DOJO: "We can tease the beejeebers out of the Shubunkins!"

FEMALE DOJO: "I wouldn't jive that big one too much. He's been growing by leaps and bounds!"

THIRD MALE DOJO: "Yeah, because he's such a hog!"

SMALL MALE DOJO (to first male dojo): "You're getting huge, too!"

FIRST MALE ROSY BARB: "Hey! What's with this radical new aquascape? Mama took out all the plants!"

SECOND MALE DOJO: "Yeah, but she left us our hidey holes and these cascading umbrella leaves to give us shade."

THIRD MALE DOJO: "Now that all those fake floaters are gone, there's a lot more light in here."

FEMALE DOJO: "I see she still has this ridiculous collage for our background!"

FIRST MALE DOJO: "Isn't that a piece of work! I'd love to knock it down!"

THIRD MALE DOJO: "Silly! It's attached on the outside!"

FIRST MALE DOJO: "I believe we were discussing mischief?"

SECOND MALE DOJO: "We can sneak up on the Shubunkins at night and nip their tails! What fun!"

THIRD MALE DOJO: "So, what is she leaving us to eat? More of that gel stuff?"

FEMALE DOJO: "What's wrong with that? I thought it tasted pretty good last time."

PINK GLOFISH: "You all are so silly!"

BLUE GLOFISH" "Yeah! You're a bunch of silly snakey-fishes!"

FIRST MALE DOJO: "I'd watch it, puny-punk! You almost can fit in our mouths!"

SECOND MALE DOJO: "Yeah! If we decide we want a snack in the middle of the night, we know where you hide!"

SECOND PINK GLOFISH: "So? We'll just change our hiding places!"

FIRST MALE DOJO: "Here comes Mama with our treats!"

(All the dojos line up and beg. Veggie Rounds come wafting downward. They all make a mad dash. Large Shubunkin beats them to several).

FIRST MALE DOJO: "Hey, those are OURS! Get out of the way!"


(All the dojos team up and chase Shubbie around the tank several times. While they're preoccupied, the remaining Shubunkin and the Rosy Barbs swoop in and gobble up their treats!)

FEMALE DOJO: "Hey! They're all gone!"

THIRD MALE DOJO: "Tee-hee-hee. They haven't discoverd my stash, yet!"


THIRD MALE DOJO: "Over here!"

(He slips into a hidey hole too small for the Shubunkins. The other dojos follow.)

DOJOS IN UNISON: "Oh, boy! Look at all those stored treats! And bully Shubbie can't get at them! Na-na-na-na-na!"

(Dojos proceed to enjoy a feast. Shubunkins hover outside and curse!)

SECOND DOJO: "And -- I STILL plan to nip their tails at night!"

FEMALE ROSY BARB: "But, WE can fit inside our little refuge, and now that we know, future treats will be OURS!"

THIRD MALE DOJO: "NOT if we find a different place to store them!"

SECOND MALE ROSY BARB: "Speaking of fin-nipping, those dojo tails could use a trim!"

FEMALE DOJO: "Hush! Mama will trade you in!"

THIRD MALE DOJO: "Yeah! We're her favorites! You nip us, and it's YOU who will go!"

(Dojos proceed to chase the barbs through the filters' waterfalls.)


FIRST MALE DOJO: "What fun would THAT be ???"

(Dojos all laugh, and tankmates swim off in a huff.)


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