Help on clown loach setup

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Help on clown loach setup

Post by seapop » Sun Jan 27, 2013 2:54 am

Hi All im new to this forum but it looks great and cant wait to receive some feedback

Anyway im setting up a new 55Gallon aquarium and I already have 3 clown loaches in a smaller tank ( I know its not ideal but they were only in there for a short period)

The tank has been up and running for 3 days now and I have added plenty of "cycle" and have used the old filter foaming from my old tank filter in the new one my ph reading at the moment is approximately 7.2 and the ammonia readings are zero( It currently has a common pleco and 2 zebra danios in it and they seem to be very happy)

My plan is to get 2 more clown loaches so 5 in total (I know 55Gallons is not enough for 5 clown loaches but I also know it takes approximately 5 years for them to actually outgrow this tank so I will plan for a bigger tank nearer that time), A rainbow shark or red tailed shark (some advice on which one would be better would be appreciated), a blue gourami, and something else roaming around the top. (maybe tiger barbs??? any advice or reccomendations)

my tank has plenty of hiding spots and a large driftwood for general separation and hiding places. Plastic plants around the back and a black sand substrate

My question is: Will my clown loaches be happy with a shark? I have provided two cave like territorial areas for the shark to dominate one of them, and also the large driftwood for them to get around...I am aware that both species are bottom feeders, so how will they get along?
Also I am having a mild case of cloudy water in the new tank, Its not terrible but it is noticeable, im guessing this is part of the nitrogen cycle and should clear in a few days or weeks? I am only planning on adding more fish to the tank a week or so from now and will do so slowly but how do I cope with adding the clownfish? do i add all 5 at a time? is that going to upset the balance in the tank?

Cheers guys

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Re: Help on clown loach setup

Post by Arden » Mon Feb 11, 2013 7:57 pm

I can't give you an answer based on experience where the shark is concerned but most recomend the redtail. I personally have had good luck with angels as a "mid swimmer" for my tank.

I have a 55g currently and looking to upgrade to something between a 120 and 150. I can tell you this much. My experience shows in a 55g that is not exclusively clowns I have had no luck beyond 3 at a time. It seems everytime I attempt to exceed 3 I loose them.

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Re: Help on clown loach setup

Post by LoachOrgy » Tue Feb 12, 2013 7:55 pm

loaches like the bottom of the tank. if the areas your adding are on the bottom of the tank for the shark. there might be a conflict.

this is just my experience but i had 8 corydoras that grew up with my clowns since the clowns and the corys were babies. eventually the cory's got so fat they were like little cows. apparently the clowns felt territorially conflicted and just decided to munch all of them one night. so i found 8 dead cory skeletons. and all the loaches were just fine. i guess they needed more meat.

i had another instance with catfish. because the catfish liked the bottom of the tank the clowns were always chasing the catfish. one day i caught all 30 of my loaches having a feeding frenzy on my catfish that they also grew up with. and the poor guy was ripped into pieces when i stopped the violence and i had to put him out of his misery.

sorry for being blunt.

id say most of the time loaches are awesome. but animal instinct can kick in.
All your loaches are belong to me!

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Re: Help on clown loach setup

Post by NancyD » Wed Feb 13, 2013 5:09 pm

You definately want more than 2 caves

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Re: Help on clown loach setup

Post by Sadielynne » Wed Feb 13, 2013 10:01 pm

"Loachorgy", you have scared the crap out of me with your story of the clowns eating you catfish!!!! Yikes! That makes me wonder if my 3 are OK with a larger pleco! I think he's tougher than the catfish, but his eyes are right there for them to attack!! They are still smaller (almost 2" I would say), but have grown since I got them. the pleco is 5" long, or so.

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