Hillstream secondary pump question

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Hillstream secondary pump question

Post by oddmole » Mon Sep 09, 2013 3:58 pm

I am setting up a 48" 55g hillstream tank using the mainfold design.

I was lucky enough to hit a pet store that was cycling its products and got a number of aquaclear items for pennies on the dollar. I have 2 of the aquaclear 70 powerheads, and will be using a fluval 300 with a spray bar. I also have 2 2" by 3/4" air stones and an air disk for more surface perturbation.

I havent bought the fish yet but im expect to get 5-8 hillstream loaches and/or mid water column fish (cloud minnows or tetras) unless that number is way low/high

In the stickied articles it speaks of using a pump to initiate the venturi effect as the powers heads are lower then usual and air pumps for air stones/disks.

My question(s):

1. How many air pumps do i need, 1 for each item? ( 2 for the heads 2 for stones, 1 for the disk) or can i use pumps for multiple applications. I have several sizes as i got them for 2-5 $ each so just grabed a couple different sizes

Additionaly how many plants should i be looking at to insure proper gas cycling?

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