tank mates for my loaches

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tank mates for my loaches

Post by namal » Tue Nov 19, 2013 3:21 am

I was wondering if anyone can tell me if rams are good tank mates for my loaches. While I have clowns, dwarfs, yoyo and zebra the tank looks devoid of any fish during the day. I was wondering the "ram" route?

thanks in advance

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Re: tank mates for my loaches

Post by NancyD » Tue Nov 19, 2013 12:20 pm

Rams live in the lower part of the tank like the loaches. So it seems like mid to upper level fish would be better. What size is your tank? A group of rainbows, rasboras, barbs or danios would swim in that area.

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Re: tank mates for my loaches

Post by Fishwife » Wed Nov 27, 2013 4:54 pm

I have a group of blue red boesemani and madagascar rainbows with mine. Also a pair of pugnax and Barbus lineatus. They all work wonderfully together. Oh and some silver hatchets to top it off also :)
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Re: tank mates for my loaches

Post by namal » Thu Dec 19, 2013 9:48 pm

Thanks NancyD and Fishwife for your replies.

My tank is 10 feet by 2 feet by 1 1/2 feet. It's big. I had some red line barbs for a while, but I had a batch of bad water during a water change and most of the died. I also have plenty of cory catfish.

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Re: tank mates for my loaches

Post by redshark1 » Tue Dec 24, 2013 11:49 am

If you try the Rams I would be interested to know how you get on. I don't know if there would be any problem in them occupying the same level as the loaches. I think not, though it would more likely disrupt the behaviour of the Rams and their tendancy to establish territories. This might be unfair on the Rams.

The Ram is a particularly colourful fish, but I have not attempted to keep them as my water is unsuitable for this more fussy species. As cichlids they are likely to be entertaining not to mention likely to reproduce. However, as Clown Loaches are such entertaining as well as magnificent fish I set up my aquarium solely for their benefit so their companions are there to assist their comfort as dither fish or to consume algae.

On the plus side Rams are at least compatible temperature wise, which many barbs are not. Many barbs only encounter Clown Loach temperatures briefly in the breeding season and are often described as subtropical rather than tropical. To keep them constantly at elevated temperatures is thought by many to greatly shorten their life span.

Rainbows and Congo Tetras as well as some other large african tetras may be more suitable temperature-wise and occupy the mid and upper reaches of the aquarium.
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