Advise pls - where to advertise? Selling tanks and loaches

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Advise pls - where to advertise? Selling tanks and loaches

Post by kaz » Sun Jan 19, 2014 3:03 pm

Hi there everyone
It is with great distress that I have reluctantly decided to sell my whole set up and loaches.

I would love it if I could ensure the loaches go to a good home, one where other loaches preside!

I have a very long list of equipment and fish tanks that I will need to sell also.

I am buying my first home :) and unfortunately I am having to be very grown up about what I take with me and how I save in order to achieve payment of all that comes with owning ones own home.

I would appreciate any advise and help as I am currently taking pics of all the equipment and am in need of a quick sale/rehome before I change my mind.

I have 4 checkered barbs 2 male and 2 female, 6 purple gold headed rasboras and 5 chain loaches to rehome.

A small quarantine tank (10'x18'x10') a 2.5ft and a 4ft tank to sell along with all the filters (fluval 106, 405 and mini ones for the q tank)

Anyway there it is in short, pls if anyone can help or have any suggestions I would really appreciate it. Ive had these fish since 2006 and they are my babies!


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