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Sun Loach - Yasuhikotakia eos

Post by bobleeno » Tue Sep 30, 2014 4:26 pm

Hi, I recently found some Botia for sale at my LFS and was "wow"ed immediately by them and by how nice they looked.
Oooh how looks can be deceiving!
Soon as i put them into my main loach tank, i started to notice something wrong.
All my fish seemed to be evicted from their usual hidey holes and were generally swimming around together. Not a problem tho i thought, if anything i thought they were happier to be coming out. A few days later i kept noticing the Khuli's were all hanging off the spray bars at the top of the tank and sat on top of the powerhead. A few more days later and my clowns were also and the Khuli's tail fins looked nibbled. Even my big Modesta loach seemed troubled.
Ok somethings not right here.
I had also put in an Asian Bumblebee cat fish about a month earlier and he was getting bigger fast. So after trawling the internet i've heard they can be bitey. So decided to move him to the other tank with no bottom fish in other than a large plec and a lonesome old cory.
Next day still no improvement! :evil:
Ok so it had to be the beautiful new Botine additions ?
Thanks to this site i managed to find out what the mystery silver botia could possibly be. Sun loach.
I've moved them also to the other tank and peace has returned to the main tank. Khuli's are all well and happy along with all the bigger fish.
I think things are fine in the other tank, which is mainly barbs and the bumblebee cat. (had to move my lonesome cory to the main tank tho!)
I was wondering if after this ordeal over the summer, what have i got to come with these Sun loaches. I have even returned to the LFS and bought the remaining 2 we couldn't catch.
I think he was glad i did!
Anybody else have any of these wonderful loaches, and will they ever calm down. Feeding time sounds like a geiger counter with all the clicking. The Barb's all look healthy as i think they are fast enough to dodge the infighting. But fish grow bigger, will i have more problems in the future i wonder?

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