More Dojo Dialogue

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More Dojo Dialogue

Post by Dojosmama » Tue Aug 09, 2016 8:43 pm

1ST MALE DOJO: "Well, this is a fine kettle of fish (pun intended)! Mama changed the light bulb above, and now those ugly diatoms are everywhere! Yuk!

2ND MALE DOJO: "Oh, stop complaining! Those diatoms are harmless. They aren't hurting us. Mama had to change the light because the other bulb burned out. Would you have preferred she kept that small temporary replacement meant for a 20-gallon tank? That hardly gave us any light, at all!"

SILVERTONE: "I think she got duped by the LFS. This new light is a strange one. Only part of the tube lights up -- some sort of built-in reflector that's supposed to channel the light down into our depths. I haven't noticed much difference."

1st MALE DOJO: "That's because you hide all the time."

SILVERTONE: Except for when we're fed!"

2ND MALE DOJO: "Speaking of food, have you noticed she's been feeding us more and more of that frozen stuff? Thaws it out a bit in a cup of our water before she puts in in here. Brine shrimp and a combination blend. Sure is GOOD!"

SILVERTONE: "You're so ravenous, you'd eat a silk plant!"

1ST MALE DOJO: "Tried that, once. Give me the other, anytime!"

1ST ROSY BARB: "You mean that tall one she had in here? She took that out. Got tired of cleaning off the leaves, I guess."

SILVER RAINBOW FISH: "Well, she has readjusted the timer so the light isn't on as long. I've noticed the brown stuff doesn't grow quite as fast."

2ND MALE DOJO: "i don't think she's very happy with that light -- OR with the people who sold it to her. Did you know it has been discontinued?"

SILVERTONE: "No wonder they were eager to get rid of it! It's a pity how female customers are treated! I understand she tried to ask them some questions about it, and they just blew her off. If she hadn't needed a new light right away, I'm sure she would have shopped around until SOMEONE was willing to address her concerns."

1ST MALE DOJO: "Sign of the times. Decent service is a thing of the past."

SILVER RAINBOW FISH; "Well, I'M happy! Hey, what's a few spots on the glass? We get the best food around, and that filter is a doozey!"

2ND MALE DOJO: "That filter needs cleaning."

SILVERTONE: "She'll take care of it in a day or two. Hey, I'm fine! So are the rest of you. So, stop your bellyaching!"

1ST YELLOW GLOWFISH: "That filter is NOISY!"

2ND YELLOW GLOWFISH: "It always has been. It's a monstrosity!"

1ST MALE DOJO: "A monstrosity that keeps our water clean!"

SILVERTONE: "Ask Miss Mermaid what she thinks."

1ST MALE DOJO: "YOU ask her. You're sweet on her!"

2ND ROSY BARB: "Who cares? Where's our meal?"


SILVERTONE: "Right on cue! What is it, this time?"

1ST YELLOW GLOWFISH: "Looks like frozen blood worms! Yep! Here they come ..."


2ND MALE DOJO: "We haven't been THIS excited since the barometer changed. That thunder storm still going on? Ooops! There goes the power! Dark swimming, for awhile."

1ST MALE DOJO: "Now see how lucky we are to have that new light?"

2ND MALE DOJO: "Hey, after this dinner I'll just go back under the Anubias and take a nap."

SILVERTONE: "You'd better get busy and eat up, before everyone else gets it all!"

1ST MALE DOJO: "I've had my fill ... YAWN! Darkened tank. Time for beddy-bye ..."

SILVERTONE: "You'd better not snore, this time! We'll have Mama get you a C-PAP!"

1ST MALE DOJO: "As if I'd actually WEAR it! Besides, I LIKE to snore. Annoys the heck out of all of you!"

1ST ROSY BARB: "When that filter comes back on, it'll drown out your snoring. So, HA-HA-HA!"

1ST MALE DOJO: "HA-HA to YOU! That thing sounds like SIX of us snoring!"

SILVERTONE: "Not NOW, it doesn't! Peace and quiet!"

SILVER RAINBOW FISH: "Notice how Mama always keeps the door closed?"

2ND MALE DOJO: "That's because she has CATS!" (SHUDDER!)

SILVERTONE: "We've never seen them."

2ND ROSY BARB: "I know ... See how well cared for we are! We have a CAUTIOUS Mama!"

1ST MALE DOJO: "All is well. Now, let's get some shut-eye ...."



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