Continuation of Dojo Dialogue

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Continuation of Dojo Dialogue

Post by Dojosmama » Sat Aug 13, 2016 11:52 pm

1st MALE DOJO: "WOW! What a clean window, now that Mama has removed those diatoms!"

2nd MALE DOJO: "She cleaned our filter, too -- but it's STILL NOISY!"

SILVERTONE: "Well, at least the power's back on. Let's hope that barometer stays stable for awhile. These contortions we go through are grueling!"

1ST ROSY BARB: "That's why they call you guys 'weather loaches'. You act like clowns whenever there's a shift."

SILVERTONE: "Yeah? Well, we can do something you barbs can't!"


1st MALE DOJO: "WE can breathe oxygen out of the water! Try THAT little trick, Barbie!"

2nd MALE DOJO: "Yeah! We can even live outside the tank for awhile."

3rd ROSY BARB: "Well, so WHAT? If you like that cold concrete floor out there, I guess that's YOUR business."

SILVER RAINBOW FISH: "I'm worried about Mama's cats!"

1ST MALE DOJO: "Don't be! Mama never lets them in here. Even if I escaped this tank, I couldn't slide under that door. I'd be completely safe."

SILVER RAINBOW FISH: "UNTIL you dried out. Then it's curtains."

SILVERTONE: "What's all this talk about leaving the tank? We're perfectly happy in here, aren't we?"

1st MALE DOJO: "If we left the tank, how would we be fed?"

2nd MALE DOJO: "it's that time, again. WHERE'S Mama?"

WHITE CLOUD MINNOW: "She was abducted by aliens."

1st MALE DOJO (ruffling his barbels): "BLEEEAACK!"

2nd MALE DOJO: "Let's see -- Mr. White Cloud is just about small enough to fit inside my mouth. And, I'm getting pretty hungry!"

SILVERTONE: "You mean those snails you consumed this morning didn't fill you up?"

2nd MALE DOJO: "They were really small! HEY! HERE'S MAMA!"

1st MALE DOJO: "Let it be O'Nips! Let it be O'Nips!"

SILVERTONE: "Veggie Rounds! Well, that's variety for you."

1st YELLOW GLOWFISH: "Those are GOOD for us!"

2nd MALE DOJO: "When I was a kid, I never did like my veggies!"

SILVERTONE: "Well, that's our meal, this time. Take it or leave it. Leave it, and there's that much more for the rest of us."

1st MALE DOJO: "Are you KIDDING?" (All three do the "Dojo Dash" toward the tumbling morsels.)

1st ROSY BARB: "Health food, down the hatch!"

(Mama watches as all her contented fishies gather in a food orgy, knowing once again they're receiving nourishment. Who is MORE contented?)

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