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Re: New Loach Questions

Post by BMS » Tue Mar 07, 2017 7:02 am


I've had my two yoyo loaches about 6 months. I purchased them as I needed bottom feeders, that they did , they were also a lot more hyper than i expected, chasing around the tank as if on speed. Later I introduced a couple of young corys and 3 young clown loach, they all get on fine and the yoyo's quietened down, growing and thriving well.

About 4 weeks ago inherited a large placid kissing gourami when It's owner died. Since I noticed one on the yoyo starting to become the tank pest, I'm not sure if he is trying to nip or suck slime off the fish, he is fine with the all the other loaches, although he has become hyper again chasing the other yoyo. He is in a live planted 240 litre tank with plenty of hiding pace, his main target has become the large kissing gourami although occasionally attempts the same with my angel and pearl gourami. I don't see any fin damage which is why i think he is sucking.

I'm wondering is this another stage the yoyo is going through, or should I consider separating him or finding a new home. I don't want my other fish to get sores or stressed.

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Re: New Loach Questions

Post by redshark1 » Tue Mar 07, 2017 2:52 pm

I tend to give these issues (where little physical harm is noticed) a time limit after which if it doesn't stop I seperate the fish.

I feel a month is ample time in which to decide what to do.

It can feel worse if you take immediate action and regret it later e.g. by making what turns out to be the wrong choice.
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Re: New Loach Questions

Post by Diana » Tue Mar 07, 2017 7:47 pm

I suspect part of the problem is that you do not have enough Yoyos. They do tend to be just a bit more of a pest than many other Loaches, and keeping them in a larger group will help them focus their attentions on each other.

I would trade in the Yoyos and get a more friendly Loach. I have had better results with B. kubotai getting along with tank mates including Cories, Rainbow Fish, and some schooling fish. My Yoyos ate my Neon Tetras. Plus, they were so dedicated to digging they dug up all the plants. They had help with this, though.
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