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Forum Rules & moderators' disclaimer

Post by Mark in Vancouver » Tue Sep 19, 2006 8:46 pm

Loaches on Line is a moderated forum on the subject of loaches, their care, and natural history. We encourage fish keepers of all levels of experience to gather here and share their knowledge and experiences, to ask questions, and to discover why loaches are such great fish for the right aquarium.

Advertising, trollish behaviour, and abuse will not be tolerated. We encourage the use of one user-name per poster, and we encourage all posters to indicate (in a general sense) where they are posting from by keeping their profiles up to date.

For general questions about freshwater fish, please use the Freshwater Fish Forum.

If your post does not get a response immediately, check back often. This forum boasts a membership from around the world, so please consider the differences in time zones and English fluency.

The LOL forum is intended to dispense the very best information on loaches, based on our membership's vast experience. However, the loach tank is a complex habitat that is subject to variations in temperature, local water chemistry, local availability of species and chemical treatments, and numerous other variables. We will make our best effort to answer any and all serious questions about loaches and their care, or to direct you to services in your area.

Please note that the Private Mail system should not be used for contacting Moderators with loach-related questions that could be asked on the open forum. All the Moderators have busy lives and often are unable to find the time to answer questions promptly. Others may gain beneficial knowledge from seeing your question answered by numerous people on the forum. Multiple inputs are useful due to the variations mentioned above. In certain cases a concensus may be more useful than one Moderator's opinion, no matter how experienced they may be.

Posts that are found to be misleading, repetitive, abusive, or pointless may be deleted at the discretion of the forum moderators. Posters who are seen to be abusing the services provided by this forum will be asked to leave. The forum moderators reserve the right to register complaints with your internet service provider if you are seen to be missing the point of this disclaimer.
All other posts will be treated with great respect and courtesy. We are confident that we can offer good, up-to-date advice on any challenges faced by loach keepers.
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John Abraham
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Re: Forum Rules & moderators' disclaimer

Post by John Abraham » Tue Oct 29, 2013 1:37 am

Great information you have shared with us...!

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