B. caudipunctata species tank

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Mike Ophir
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B. caudipunctata species tank

Post by Mike Ophir » Sun Jan 22, 2006 11:06 am

Hi all,

Just wanted to report that my B. caudipunctata are growing out great and quickly. The alpha male/female is by far the most active and rarely spends the day hiding, very untypical for a species related to the Botia modesta complex. The spotting on the caudal fin, as shown in the photo in a thread further down, has increased and has begun to show up more in the other two specimens.
The store where I got them from recently said they got a new shipment of "Botia modesta" which is what they called these guys.
If I find any more B. caudipunctata you can be sure they are goin in my tank, 80 gal with the other three. They are currently the only botias in the tank as my other ones are in the two 55's.

Would be interesting to see how a group of them would interact.
I have noticed that they are display aggression towards the arulius barbs and denisonii barbs, yet do not have any hostility towards the Mesonemchaeilus pulcher (beautiful hillstream loach).

The M. pulcher btw are doing fabulously. I ordered them online 4 months ago and they have grown rapidly. I noticed two of them the other day completely greyed out, with their dorsal fins all of a sudden turning a bright red and the lateral stripe shining an intense electric green. They were engaged in what looked like a squabble or it could be mating, time will tell.



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