Temperature and chemical defense

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Temperature and chemical defense

Post by andyroo » Sun Jan 22, 2006 2:56 pm

Ashdavid and the forum,

As an extension to the chemical defense topic line from the other week, in teh tanks where the clowns were eaten what was the temperature?

I ask as my loach seems to be suffereing from what i thought was a fluke or large parasite drama as he's got a couple of whiteish lesions on his dorsal surface and flanks which are regular, tight-edged oval marks. These marks are only on the black background, never on the orange.

So i've been treating for an unknown parasite. no harm with low dose, i'd bet, and it'll keep out the Ich which should set in this season.

However, i've got a little (2") male Sicydium punctatum ...Caribbean goby's answer to the hillstream loaches... who's mouth is about the same size and shape as these marks on my loach.

So i think to myself: winter, cooler temps, possibly breeding time for the goby with associated aggressive behaviours attacking specifically the dark parts fo the loach. Makes for a dim little fish.

If a distasteful/toxic slime was on the side of the loach, then teh goby should only attack once and get the picture, no? Again, possibly a very dim little fish.
If defensive slime production is reduced with decreased temp, then examples of dovii (i looked it up) etc... eating them may be in tanks of less then 80 degrees...... (?)

There's more, but i'll get to that once this stream of group thought gets going.

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