My 15 G high loach QT tank

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My 15 G high loach QT tank

Post by Erik » Mon Feb 06, 2006 1:14 am

Hi I have not taken a pic of this for a long time due to some new substrate causing a green water bloom.
It has settled now and is growing very well.
Tanks specs
56 watts light
diy co2
5 gallon diy sump filter
This is the tank that I am treating very succesfully 2clowns and a histy for CWD with prazi and biaxin and amoxicillan. They are about 90% done and hiding of course.
Also had some rainbow spawing with only 1 fry saved from loaches in the breeder trap top left.
Whacha think?
Tank1 70G 3.5wpg planted heavily, pressurized co2 with controller,828 Canister and TT 9w UVS
Tank2 (QT)15G =4G sump. 4wpg , planted, diy C02

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