river tank setup ideas

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river tank setup ideas

Post by nuvolari » Mon Feb 06, 2006 3:05 am

Hi all

Well I got a few questions for all the river tank junkies out there!!!!

Has anyone used one of these pumps to setup the flow needed for the spa type setup that these loaches need?

http://www.aquaria.com.au/catalog/produ ... ts_id/8141

At the moment I have got a 4 foot by 18inch by 18inch tank setup with two powerheads blasting away at mid level. I have six Homaloptera smithi's or tweediei. 5 are male and one is female and is always full bodied. What I need to find out is what is the temp for breeding and also would they rather sand or a rock substrate?

At the moment I have a rock sub straight but will get some sand if needed. There are layers of rock in the water flow but they dont go near them at all they rather stay under the power heads or at the other end of the tank. Still visable flow but made 1/4 of the flow.

Tank temp 27 to 29 degress C (australian summers for you)
water changes twice a week at 6 buckets a time (10litre buckets)
phosphates at about 0.1 (need to get that RO kit)

Fellow tank mates.
8Kuhli loaches (spiney eyed version)
5 L104 panaqualus Maccuss
9Sturisoma Festiviums (royal whiptail)
5 corydoras Axlerodi.

Any help would be nice

By the way Homaloptera confuzona where around in oz 4 weeks ago (saw two) and we get a shipment 0nce a year if lucky. Hard to get for us aswell. 5 years ago they where everywhere. Right when I want them there not to be seen!!!!!!

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