Breeding Khulis

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Breeding Khulis

Post by mikev » Mon Feb 06, 2006 10:20 am

Does anyone here per chance has a working strategy for this?

(The article on Loaches.Com basically says "wait and it may happen"; what I would very much like to do is to see if one can develop a repeatable routine. One part of the reason is that I would very much like to have more of one particular khuli here; but I'm also curious about the inheritance of patterns and having a way of knowning what is a variation, and what may be another species.)

I've been collecting info and very slowly adding to my understanding for a while and would like to start experimenting some time in spring, so any additional pointers/hints/ideas would be much appreciated.

(Admission: I find khulis to be the real loaches, everyone else is just a weak imitation...)

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