Dying Yoyo Loaches

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Dying Yoyo Loaches

Post by Popeye » Sat Jul 01, 2017 11:37 am

Hi everyone, I hope someone might be able to come up with some help for my problem, I've got a 60 gallon freshwater tank, in it, I keep very quiet fish of various breeds as well as Ghost Cat Fish and the one Siamese Male, 2 Dwarf Gourami, and 5 Rasbora Scissortails, but the pride and joy of my tank is the Clown Loaches, if there's any fish that doesn't get on with Clown Loaches, that breed doesn't get into my Tank
However, I saw a really like the look of Yoyo Loaches, and so I decided to try them, I got four as I thought company for each other as in Clown Loaches, but, the Yoyo's are dying on me, I'm now down to the one Yoyo left, is there anything I might be doing that they don't like, I keep the tank as I'm meant to, my levels etc are fine, I'm not new to keeping fish, but I am new to Yoyo Loaches, so if anyone can help with some advice that means I can at least keep this last one alive, it will be greatly appreciated, thanks.

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Re: Dying Yoyo Loaches

Post by Diana » Tue Jul 04, 2017 1:13 pm

When you bought them, did you put them in a quarantine tank, or treat them for internal parasites?
Internal parasites are very common in fish, especially bottom feeding fish. A month in a quarantine tank with treatment can really make a difference, even if they are not showing symptoms.

When you brought them home, did you check the mineral levels or TDS in the water they were used to? Some fish stores are on a different water system with different TDS. When you place them in different water this can stress them, even kill them. Set up a quarantine tank and test the water in the bag with the fish. Then make the water in the quarantine tank match the TDS, GH, KH in the bag. While the fish are in quarantine make small changes to the TDS etc. until it matches the display tank. It can take a month to alter the fishes' metabolism to a major difference in TDS.

What symptoms are the dying fish showing?
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Re: Dying Yoyo Loaches

Post by redshark1 » Thu Jul 06, 2017 3:20 am

Hi and welcome. I found your post a bit confusing but I think you are saying you have a 60 gallon aquarium with the following fish:

1 Ghost Catfish (I don't know what that is, perhaps it is similar to a Glass Catfish?)
1 Siamese Algae Eater (male)
2 Dwarf Gourami
5 Scissortail Rasbora
2 Clown Loaches

and you recently introduced:
4 Yoyo Loaches

The Yoyo Loaches are dying off and there is only one left

Parameters are fine which to me means
Ammonia 0
Nitrite 0
Nitrate 20

60 gallons is not a big tank so can soon be overcrowded when all those fish reach a maximum size. It would generally be considered too small for Clown Loaches.

It is possible that the Yoyo Loaches came with a disease from which they subsequently died.

As the levels are currently fine the other possibility is shock from moving from one set of water conditions to another set of water conditions.

Other aspects could be stressing the Yoyo Loaches, such as establishing a pecking order amongst themselves and the Clown Loaches.
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