Week 7 Concerns

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Week 7 Concerns

Post by FranM » Mon Oct 08, 2018 5:08 am

It has been seven weeks since my new setup has been up and running.

Setup: 120 gallon, thin layer sand substrate, Fluval FX6, very subdued lighting, HOB Aquaclear with all media from old 55 gallon.

Original inhabitants transferred: 4 silver dollars, 2 medium clowns, 2 medium yoyos, and one cherry barb. Water parameters are, and have been, stable entire time.

Questions and Concerns:

1) The smaller clown still pale in color (black stripes) that worsens when feeding. Other than this, normal behavior, always out and active, feeds voraciously. Why hasn’t deep black color returned? Larger clown, to some known as Mr. Slim, has retained his dark stripes and pales some when feeding. (In the old 55 gallon, paling color wasn’t an issue for either.)

2) Do you feel the FX6 can stand alone now as far as beneficial bacteria go? I am ready to set up a quarantine tank to add more fish and would like to use media from HOB and finally get rid of it from 120.

3) I am liking the nitrate levels staying well under 20 for a couple weeks straight and performing 25% water changes. I don’t want to add too much heavy stock.

4) Brown algae has set in predominantly where the light shines (mid to back of tank). I reduced the light brightness by 50%.

5) I want algae eating fish that don’t add too much bulk. Otos are out of question because I fear their survival with silver dollars. Don’t want a bristlenose (no driftwood). In the past I had an RTS that did a great job with algae. Considering adding (only 2) SAE’s but doubting I will find REAL ones.

6) Definitely want to add an RTS regardless, five more cherry barbs, and thinking 8-10 tetras or barbs. I have 2 caves and would get a third for different area of tank when I get RTS.

Please advise, suggest, scold whichever. Thanks! :-)



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