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TubeMate – Stream videos even when you are offline or on the go

Post by ClintonJMolina112 » Thu Nov 01, 2018 12:49 am

Make use of TubeMate to keep your favourite videos or songs in your mobile phone and enjoy them anytime you want.

With the booming of the Internet, people tend to prefer watching videos, films, and musical clips online. Online networking sites such as YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram provide us with plenty of entertainment. No matter what you want to watch, only type keywords and enter “search”. Not only does online watching give users a huge range of choices but it also helps to save space on your smartphone.


However, online using is only excellent when you have internet connection or cellular data. If not, it might cost you an arm and a leg in case you exceed the smartphone’s data capacity by mistake.

Imagine that you have a business trip. On your way to work on public transport, no internet is available, while the distance is so long. What should you do? You have no choice but to download some interesting videos or films before setting off. Unfortunately, your mobile storage is not big enough to keep big videos that are directly downloaded from YouTube.

Due to that reason, you need a “third party” app that allows you to download video clips in a lower quality. And TubeMate is the very “third party” you are looking for. Let’s together check it out!

Many people do not hesitate to install TubeMate thanks to its stunning features. For more information, please check Tubemate app.

1. Distinctive features of TubeMate

- It allows users to easily search for any YouTube videos. Afterwards, all you need to do is to click on the green arrow to download.

- It lets people freely select the target quality.

- User-friendly interface makes it easy to understand how to use without instruction.

- It does not occupy much space on your mobile phone storage.

- There are billions of videos to download and massive resolution options as well.

- Thanks to MP3 Media Converter, you can convert videos to MP3.


2. How to download TubeMate

- Step 1: Open your browser, and type “” in the search bar.

- Step 2: Access to the website

- Step 3: Click on Android Freeware, and you will be automatically transferred to the next page.

- Step 4: Click on “Download”.

- Step 5: Wait a minute, and click on “Open” when it has finished.

- Step 6:

Case 1: If TubeMate is the first application that you’ve downloaded outside of the Google Store, then you must activate “Unknown Sources” in the Settings to let TubeMate install. This is because your mobile phone is set to block the installation of all apps that come from unknown sources due to security concerns.

Case 2: If you have already turned this function on, just click on “Install” and enjoy the amazing app at once!


3. Tips and tricks to use TubeMate

- To download videos via TubeMate: First, search for a video you like. Click on the “Download” button. Then, choose the target quality and wait a couple of minutes. The video is now automatically saved in your phone’s memory card.

- Want to download many videos at the same time? Don’t worry. Active multiple download mode, and TubeMate will finish the tasks in a couple of minutes.

- Want to download videos at a faster speed? Sometimes, your download is quite slow, or even stops dead in its tracks. It might be that your connection is too-weak or unstable. If this is the case, then you should switch “multiple download mode” into “single download mode”.

- Want to keep updated with the latest news on TubeMate? You can sign up for an account for free, and all notifications will be sent regularly via your email.

Bear in mind Google Play and Android APK downloader site - free apps online.

4. TubeMate vs SnapTube


Both are among the best-rated video downloaders. The two apps have many features in common. For example:

- Both are easy-to-use during the installing, searching, and downloading process.

- Before downloading a video, both TubeMate and SnapTube allow you to choose the quality you prefer.

- Both support many different resolutions and let users convert videos to MP3.


In spite of many shared features, SnapTube and TubeMate have key differences that all users will come to notice.

- SnapTube allows users to keep videos in their SD card and phone memory, while TubeMate only keeps your files in the SD card.

- It seems that SnapTube has a more powerful search engine thanks to “Duration” and “All-time” options to filter your results, while TubeMate lacks this useful feature.

- Through SnapTube, you can have better navigation via a lot of categories of films and TV shows such as popular, trending, blockbusters and much more. The capability of TubeMate in this field is still limited.

Here are some main differences between SnapTube and TubeMate, and they are also drawbacks that TubeMate needs to improve upon.


5. Alternatives for TubeMate

For the time being, the streaming video market is booming, which allows hundreds of video downloaders to develop more significantly. In addition to TubeMate, you also can try SnapTube, Flvto, Keepvid, Vidmate, 4k Video Downloader, and many more.

Take everything into consideration, there are a lot of video downloading applications on the market nowadays. Each has its own upsides and downsides. To understand all of them and find out the best solution for yourself, you can read reviews as much as possible. However, more importantly, it is highly recommended that you give it a shot yourself - “experience is the best teacher”.


To help vote for the best video downloader, users often give some standard criteria. For instance, the app should take up little space in mobile phone storage. Next, it must be easy to use. In addition, it contains useful options and features. Last but not least, it comes without a fee. TubeMate is an app that fits all these criteria. As a result, it often stands in the top list of the best video downloader across the world. With TubeMate, streaming video on the go has never been easier. Don't forget to check more information at

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Bas Pels
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Re: advice on soft sand

Post by Bas Pels » Thu Nov 01, 2018 3:28 am

on the topic of sand many opinions excist.

Some people like filter sand, others playing sand - I myself got my sand from a road builder.

It was loaded with clay, but in all reality, this has never bothered me. In fact, I'm happy the sand is usable for growing plants

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Re: advice on soft sand

Post by redshark1 » Thu Nov 01, 2018 5:29 am

I myself got Silver Sand which is for horticultural use and is lime free.

It was inexpensive and it didn't need washing.

I believe it to be natural, from rivers and I like the way it looks but I don't grow plants in it so cannot comment on that aspect.

I have not needed to try other types so don't know how it compares but I would recommend Silver Sand.
6 x Clown Loaches all twenty-five years of age on 01.01.19, largest 11.5", 2f4m, aquarium 6' x 18" x 18" 400 ltr = 110 US gal.

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Re: advice on soft sand

Post by Cardeater » Fri Nov 02, 2018 10:26 am

Ive been planning for a future tank upgrade and plan on switching to sand for that tank.

I thought I was sold on pool filter sand but this video has me questioning it.

This YouTuber says he likes the Nat Geo sand as it's easier to vacuum. Apparently you can syphon it almost like regular gravel whereas PFS, you'd just suck up sand. He does note that it's possible to not have the issues he had with said and detritus if you have strong circulation to keep the mulm off the sand. Also, I've read that it's supposedly not that hard to keep the syphon above the PFS and just lower it enough to only suck up the mulm.

Can anyobe share any thoughts or experiences please? Thanks.

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Re: advice on soft sand

Post by Cardeater » Fri Nov 02, 2018 10:36 am

I just did a quick search on another forum. ... el.588370/

He said it was junk so I don't know

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Re: advice on soft sand

Post by NancyD » Fri Nov 02, 2018 8:50 pm

It can depend on what country you live in & what you can get locally. I've used pool filter sand several times & "play" sand once (I didn't like it; dirty, & compacted easily). I don't like the whiteness of most pool sand in the US but it's larger grains than others & easier to clean...once you get the hang of it.

It will also depend on the loaches you plan to keep. Some are "sand sifters" (they take in sand in their mouths & eject it from their gills, like some cichlids) that need finer sand than just "diggers" (most loaches IME).

It will also depend on if you want a deeper substrate for some plants...or are happy with just a shallow layer of sand & plants that are attached to wood or rocks...or (goodness forbid, lol) no live plants at all.

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Re: advice on soft sand

Post by Cardeater » Sun Nov 04, 2018 12:55 am

I did a little more research on sands.

My plan for the future is if I want to go cheap, I'll probably go for pool filter sand.

If I don't mind spending, I'd probably get Caribesea Torpedo Beach. The grains are supposed to slightly bigger than PFS and it's a lot cleaner. Safe for Rays and I assume loaches.
20lbs for $16.

Bas Pels
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Re: advice on soft sand

Post by Bas Pels » Sun Nov 04, 2018 3:59 am

That's quite expensive, more than two dollars for a kilo

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