A Tale of Two “Teensies”

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A Tale of Two “Teensies”

Post by FranM » Tue Nov 27, 2018 4:04 pm

For those of you who don’t know, teensies refers to the very tiny clowns I purchased to add to my current duo. Though the current duo was never shy, they had paled in color since I moved them and their tankmates from a 55 to 120 over the summer.

They are since coloring up though I doubt it has anything to do with the teensies. I think they are just settled in now.

But the teensies—well—its a case of “Mean Girls”. Cady and Regina. Regina is clearly the dominant one who is out and about all day while Cady cautiously comes out but is then quickly spooked back into hiding for one reason or another. Cady has improved some over the last couple days. She’s a bit more out in the open than she has been. She is clearly smaller than Regina, but I doubt she eats nearly as heartily.

Anyway with a 120 gallon and four clowns, two being teensies, do you think the growth inhibiting hormone could have an effect on the smaller of the two? Or is the littler one just needing more sustenance which she’ll get once she gains more confidence to feed in the open?



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