Hillstream loach / Sewellia Linoleata disease

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Joanna Bone
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Hillstream loach / Sewellia Linoleata disease

Post by Joanna Bone » Fri Nov 22, 2019 3:41 am

]Hi all

I have been trying to help one of my hillstream loaches. I would like to medicate the tank but I have no idea about whats wrong with him and most importantly i do not want to lose all the fish for not treating the right disease.

I have had this hillstream loach for 2 months. 1 panda cory died a week ago and i made a 70% water change after the death and after medicating the tank for fin rot ( i never knew if this was the problem with the cory) Two days ago the loach had a lump on his left side (near an eye). The following day he had like a white string coming out of the lump. Today there is no string anymore, just a white spot like a pimple where the lump once was. About his behaviour i can only mention that he has been chasing the corys after the death of one of them which is odd because he has always been quite shy. I went to the fish shop where i bought them and they think it is not a worm or parasite but a fungal infection they recommended me to treat the tank with Mycopur from Sera. But i could notice that the lady wasnt really sure about what is going on with the loach. Can someone help?

Tank size 30 litres
Water temperature 25°C
Tank has an AquaFlow 50 filter (Brand Superfish)
Maintenance regime is 15% to 20% water change every week. I clean the filter once a week with some water taken from the tank, never tap water)
Water parameters PH 6.8. kH 10°, DH >7, nitrates 10, nitrites 0
I have in this tank 3 Panda Corydoras and 2 Hillstream Loaches/

Ps. I wanted to post a pic but i couldnt. If someone can tell me what is the best way of doing this i will be very grateful. I have many pics and maybe it is going to be easier to determine whats going on with him.

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Re: Hillstream loach / Sewellia Linoleata disease

Post by redshark1 » Fri Nov 22, 2019 3:24 pm

HI, I never had one of these that had a disease. My only problem was with mine escaping from the tank (before I plugged the tiny gap in the corner). The other one lived for 12 years in that tank.

But posting a picture is a good idea.

For image upload open an account with the below, free uploads.

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