Kuhli Loaches question

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Kuhli Loaches question

Post by SaraBailey » Tue Dec 10, 2019 2:36 am

Five best home decor accessories ideas that never disappoint

We all have our preferences when it comes to choosing home decor accessories for our houses or apartments. While the choice of style depends on each individual’s tastes, few accessories are versatile. They look amazing with different forms of interior designs. So read on, we’ll take you through a list of these items.

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1. Flower vases

Flowers are the simplest way to decorate your living space. It goes without saying that fresh flowers create an aesthetically pleasing freshness to our living room. However, if bringing fresh flowers indoors is not an option, there’re lots of lifelike flowers that look stunning for decoration.

In case you’re not interested in flowers, the vases can also transform the look of your home interiors. There are wide varieties of vases that add a unique touch to your living room, no matter what interior style you prefer. If you’re looking for sites to find the best products for home decoration, look no further, Amazon is the largest platform for all kinds of home shopping.


2. Trays

Decorative trays can be styled in a wide range of ways. Also, they can serve the functional purpose of containing items for display. For example, if you use a simple tray on your coffee table to hold a candle, you can leave some glass coasters in this tray as well. Imagine how neat your table will look with this kind of arrangement. The lists of top-reviewed decorative items for interior designs always recommend customers to use trays, thanks to their versatility.

3. Pottery

Pottery decorate items give your space an interesting look. They add substance and soul to any rooms. While finished pots tend to be covered in shiny glazes, the choice of using pottery for decoration is endless. Image Reviews on products TheKingLive.com for interior designs usually give readers some ideas for pottery styles to fit in with different home styles.

While glaze pots have their charm while standing on their own, homeowners can also add plants to these pots to bring freshness to their space. If you have a small collection of pottery items of various sizes, arrange them artfully to create an eclectic look for your living room. Note that if your pottery is colorful, display them against a monochromatic paint color.

4. Candles

Even though candles are often underestimated when people think of decorating their place, we believe the dangling flames and shadows that candles create can give an aesthetic touch and warm feeling to any house. More importantly, they do not cost a fortune to add to the beauty of your space. The list of affordable Amazon products to decorate homes includes many types of candles to choose from. A few clicks of a mouse will get them delivered to your place in no time.


5. Branches

If you’re keen on natural, rustic, yet creative decoration styles, tree branches are probably one of the best ideas. If you’re living close to nature, collecting them in the woods doesn’t take much of your time. By merely removing small branches, sanding them or spraying them with your preferred colors, you’ll have interesting decorative items to put in a vase.

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The bottom line

Whether you prefer an organic style or a more polished look and feel for your space, there’re decorative home items for you. If you need more ideas for decoration, search on Amazon, and read Amazon customer reviews to check other shoppers’ opinions on your preferred items. We hope our recommendation was helpful. Click share if you like this post, and leave us your comments below.
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Re: Kuhli Loaches question

Post by Loachloach » Fri Jan 17, 2020 3:57 pm


A reply a bit too late but hope you'll read it.

1. On point one: Kuhli loaches are shy. If they're together with other very active eaters, they may starve unless you take measures

2. On point two: My Khuli loaches are 8 years old now in pH of 7.4 water, quite hard. I think I am late on the acclimating part. My advise is drip acclimation in a dark covered bucket, if bringing in fish from very different conditions. Do not wave bags in the tank, too bad for the fish. However, if they have travelled a lot, best is plop and drop, don't acclimate. Kuhlis are really tough fish but no fish should stay in toxic water for any extended time period, it will kill them, although not outright but in months time from diseases due to weakened immune system from ammonia exposure.

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