Will big clown loaches eat small pleco?

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Will big clown loaches eat small pleco?

Post by squid » Tue Oct 20, 2020 1:22 am

Planning to combine my clown loach and pleco tank.
my clown loaches are 6 inch up. plecos are also about this size up except for one which is about 3 inch.
will the big clown loach eat small pleco?
it takes so long for this pleco to grow its an L25, only grew one inch in a year.

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Re: Will big clown loaches eat small pleco?

Post by NancyD » Tue Oct 20, 2020 9:22 pm

My 6-7 inch clowns did not bother even 3 in clown plecos. I don't think you need to worry as long as everyone gets enough food & has enough hiding spots

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Re: Will big clown loaches eat small pleco?

Post by redshark1 » Thu Oct 22, 2020 4:40 pm

I think your fish will be fine.

My 11.5" Clown Loach will eat Ancistrus fry when they appear in the tank.

If it fits in its mouth, that's where it will end up.
6 x Clown Loaches all twenty-seven years of age on 01.01.2021, largest 11.5", 2f4m, aquarium 6' x 18" x 18" 400 ltr = 90 uk gal = 110 US gal.

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