Clown loaches with kuhli loaches - is it really a bad mix?

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Clown loaches with kuhli loaches - is it really a bad mix?

Post by MultipleTankSyndrome » Tue Nov 16, 2021 6:44 am

This mix has been so often not-recommended here on Loaches Online before, due to supposedly differing requirements in flow. For example:
Unfortunately, that's going to be a far from ideal mix. *snip*. Clown loaches prefer much more current to that of kuhli loaches
Also Clown loaches and kuhli loaches have very different aquarium requirements and are not a good combination in my opinion.
Clown loaches prefer extremely fast flowing waters, whereas the kuhli loaches come from more calm environments. ... ilit=kuhli
Kuhli loaches would not cope well with the amount of flow that clown loaches prefer
However, I feel RD on MonsterFishKeepers has a valid point concerning how much flow clown loaches encounter in the wild as well. ... 322/page-6
I believe that for the most part the only time the rivers and streams are really fast flowing is during the rainy season. There are CL's that supposedly live year round in Sentarum Lake, which certainly isn't fast flowing, more like a big massive swamp. ... ional-park
Given their similar water chemistry, and bearing in mind RD's point, is there any reason why these 2 together cannot work? I have not experienced any issues in the 3 years I have had mine together, for one.
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