One of Runescape’s main attraction was its quests

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One of Runescape’s main attraction was its quests

Post by nfkjasfas » Tue Nov 23, 2021 12:24 am

You'll be transported back to your base. The teleportation will take just a few seconds RS Gold, along with Mother Mallum and a few Slug victims. She immediately takes control of the Commander Callon. He's at level 138 and is only defeated by melee. He is able to be defeated.

And the Mother Mallum will disappear together with a few capture knights. Savant will be happy to follow your path. Follow her and you'll be fighting an level 236 Mother Mallum using Water Wave. She has poisoned range attacks as well as a long-range melee attack.

Three ways can be employed to attack Mother Mallum The Rune crossbow bolts are magically enchanted Dragonstone tipping. They can be bought at Savant for 24 hours before she is teleported. Method 2: Smoke and Fire missile spells. Method 3: The Dragonfire Shield blast.

While I think that most opt for the third option method, it's worth mentioning the two other options OSRS Fire Cape Buy. To aid her when her health falls to below 40%, Mother Mallum summons giant lobsters of Level 51 or Slug Victims of Level 78. If you can beat her, you'll be Quest Complete.

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