clown/elephant-nose med sensitivity

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clown/elephant-nose med sensitivity

Post by andyroo » Thu Feb 16, 2006 12:41 pm

Loach folk,

Sorry if this is the wrong forum.

my clown still developing white patches on the black bands where scales seem to be coming away. Looked like bite marks, but not any more.
Cleared up with 1/2 dose Malachyte Green/Formaline and salt additions a few weeks ago, and would like to try again... but wife has bought birthday prezzie of elephant-nose fish. Medication bottle says "do not use on baby whale".

Clowns are supposed to be sensitive to formaline, thus half doses.
Are elephants more sensitive then clowns? How are elephants with sea-salt?

Recent blizzards in north have brought balcony tank temps to 21 degrees. I have broken down and bought a heater. Temp back to 27/28. Higher temp alone may clear up loach psoriasis skin drama (crossed fingers)

No loss of vigor in clown, just white patches/scratches on black.


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