Loaches around NY

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Loaches around NY

Post by mikev » Wed Mar 08, 2006 10:47 am

I've talked to the store where most of mine originated to see what else may become available (not that I really have much room right now) and extracted a list of what can be imported through the store contacts. The store periodically imports different species, and as they say, will order a particular one if they see some degree of interest (something like a commitment to 20-25 loaches, so that they can order a 50 or 100 knowing that they will sell some at least...).

The full species list is long and contains some names that would be hard to decypher. I'm posting a sample that does have scientific names to see if there is an interest. It would take probably 4-5 people for this to materialize and with the items below, probably about a month.

Acanhomthalmus Oblonga
Acanhomthalmus Khuli (Sumatran XL)
Homoloptera Confuzona
Botia Kubotai
Botia Sidthmunki
Schistura Pridii

I'm interested myself in some of these, like perhaps two Kubotai's to add to the current group and of course I'll support any new Khuli initiative.

To avoid any misunderstandings: I'm not connected to the store and cannot guarantee anything myself; I can only testify that they so far fullfilled what they promised to me. If there is some interest in the idea of such direct imports, I can only try to help to put this together. And I don't have exact prices (of course, we'll check them before ordering) but what I paid for the loaches I got from them so far was reasonable. And, not counting new khulis, so far no casualties on the fish I got from them.

PS. I *think* I can push them into shipping to, but this will need a bit of talking.

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