upside down wether loach but still breathing

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upside down wether loach but still breathing

Post by hudsey23 » Thu Mar 16, 2006 3:31 pm

Hi its wednesday my wether loach has been upside down in the water all day but is still breathing. I dont know wether its old age or it has sumthin wrong with it.
The pet store where i bought it from said either old age or swim bladder. Now and again it will try and swim but it is tilted to one side.

I have put it in a serperate tank just incase of infection.

its about 4-5 yrs old and i am not sure how old they can live till.

Can someone please help.

Hi its now thursday and my loach has past away. R.I.P SLIM
i just wonder what he died of hmmm.

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