clown loach tankmates and other questions

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clown loach tankmates and other questions

Post by libingboy » Fri Mar 17, 2006 2:06 am

firstly, thanks for all the advice the last couple of days re. my setup... i still have a couple of questions though...

1. will clowns and a locariid coexist? coz locariids are known to like sucking the slime off other fishes, which isnt a problem when the fish is active, but in the case of sedentary fishes, like bichirs, locariids can cause death. I'm wondering whether the clowns would be susceptible to this when they are sleeping?
2. will clowns eat khulis? coz the kuhlis and weather loaches available here (singapore) are very small and thin (they are sometimes available as feeders); not much longer than a mealworm.
3. any danger to feeding clown loaches mealworms? i got sinking wafers, frozen bloodworms and sinking granules for them, and am thinking of supplementing it with mealworms.
4. i've seen people recommending odd numbers for clowns. How important is this?
5. how good a "tank cleaner" are loaches? normally, i always put a raphael cat on every tank i have, to make sure all those bits and pieces get consumed, but since loaches forage constantly (or so it seems), i was wondering whether its still a good idea to place a raphael catfish in the tank.
6. how big of a concern is jumping for clown loaches? i haven't read anything about clowns jumping out of the tank but there are a few allusions to other botias being far more intrepid. my tank is probably 95% covered but there are a few holes for tubing that i have yet to seal.

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